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Food Waste


What are we aiming to achieve in 2016/7?

Reduce the amount of food waste at Al-Meezan House and in our homes.

How will we achieve this?

We will:

  • Reduce Al-Meezan user’ carbon emissions by 53.33 tonnes

  • 20% going to landfill

  • 20 key households

What activities will help us achieve this?

Recruit and engage key people (and families) and work with them through food waste diaries to reduce the amount of food wasted through buying less, wasting less and/or composting.


Once they are on board with composting, encourage them to get involved in other parts of project and particularly with growing either at Al-Meezan or in their own homes.


Top Tips on Reducing Food Waste

1. Think before you shop - more than a third of us go shopping without a list.

Check what you have at home before you shop. Make a list - it saves time and money. Shop with meals in mind - you’ll end up throwing less away.

2. Use or lose your food - 60% of us end up throwing away food because it’s passed it’s ‘use-by’ date.

Plan your meals with the ‘use-by’ date in mind - it will save you money. Know your fridge - keep an eye on what’s inside. Be mindful of the perishable food you have and plan meals to fit in with their ‘use-by’ dates. This will prevent unnecessary waste.


3. Befriend your fridge - 70% of our fridges are set at too high a temperature.

Store food according to the instructions on pack - leaving food out of the fridge can cut the life of foods like milk, cooked meats and salad by up to 100%.Keep your fridge between 1-5°C - this helps you get the best from your food. If your fridge doesn’t indicate actual temperature, think about investing in a fridge thermometer.

4. Love your leftovers - more than half of households say they throw away food because they’ve cooked too much.

Using leftovers to make delicious meals is a smart way to ensure you eat everything.


How will we know if we have achieved our aim?

We will monitor weight of food waste from Al-Meezan House kitchen, and also of 20 key families/users through their personal food waste.


We will record number of people participating in food waste reduction sessions.


When can you join in these activities?

Workshops have started and will go on till end of February 2017 ending with a celebration event in March 2017


So, contact Taj (07939641249) or Hiba (07391446780) straight away.

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