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Little Stars

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Little Stars

We have key values that underpin all that we do in Little Stars, they inform our vision, strategic development, policy, provision and practice.

We in Little Stars are delighted to put these values into practice for children who are under five to facilitate mothers/ guardians to learn and understand Holy Quran at Al-Meezan with peace of mind that their children are cared for in safe and secure environment, nurtured, valued and learning an Islamic ethos from very young age. 

Central to our work, is the belief that children and families need to feel secure in their relationship, emotionally contained and give opportunities to make secure attachment to fulfil emotional well-being and social well-being over all.

We have two sections in Little Stars, one section is for babies and toddlers 0-2 and other section is for nursery age children 3-4. By separating these in sections, it allows us to tailor children’s needs according to their age and abilities to learn and develop in stimulating surrounding.

Little Stars section run by very dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate, keen and trained voluntaries, who work very hard to care and nurture children by fulfilling their individual needs. We provide a stimulating and challenging environment for children to learn and respect each other according to the teaching of Holy Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The provision we make is through imaginative play and creative activities for children to have hands on experiences to embed Islamic learning from a very early age.    

We at Little Stars are delighted to take responsibility of your children to enable you to educate yourself so you can provide better opportunities for your children to be become stronger Muslim from very early age.

Day: Saturday or Sunday

Timings: Little Stars is a two hour service from the hours between

10.00 am - 12.30 pm. 


Fee: Term 1: £55 - Term 2: £55 - Term 3: £55

Full Year £155

Duration: weekly class

(August to June)

For more information or any other general enquiries please email:

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