Help Make Al-Meezan Debt Free 

We launched our new appeal in Ramadan Alhamdulillah.


We are striving to clear our debt InshaAllah and have always been supported by generous donations from our, members, students, users and supporters.  Now you have the opportunity to become part of the Al-Meezan legacy by supporting us in our ‘Make Al Meezan Debt Free’ appeal. 


Our current debt stands at £210,000 and we want your help in bringing this to zero!


This will enable us to further invest in our organisation and move forward with providing new ventures, projects and learning experiences.


There are three ways to make a donation:


1) You can pay with the simple click of a button

through PayPal.

2) Make a Bank Transfer using the following details:

Bank of Scotland

Sort Code: 800761

Account Number: 06000750

Reference: MADF

3) Use the card payment option below.

May Allah swt reward you greatly in this life and the hereafter.

Yellow Flowers

Total Raised
in Ramadan





Card Payment


To make the payment please

Text 07768 531251 with the following details  between Monday to Friday,

10am to 2pm.

a. Your Full Name

b. Contact Number

c. 'MADF' (Campaign Name)

d. Donation Amount

A link will be sent to you to complete your transaction and you will recieve an email reciept. 

Gift Aid 

By completing the Gift Aid form below you are increasing the value of donations by 25%, so it means even more money goes to the causes you care about – and it won't cost you extra. 

gift aid it.png

The prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) said " The charity you give will be your shade on the day of Judgement"