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What are we aiming to achieve in 2016/7?

To drastically reduce the amount of resources purchased and used at Al-Meezan House through the 6 R’s as well as work with users to enable them to reduce overall resource consumption in their homes.


What activities will help us achieve this?

The 6 R’s are an important checklist. We will endeavor to develop skills through understanding and applying the 6R’s -

  • Reduce -is it possible to reduce the amount of materials used? This will help to protect valuable resources.

  • Rethink - is there a better way to solve this problem that is less damaging to the environment?

  • Refuse - this means not accepting things that are not the best option for the environment. For example, is the packaging really needed?

  • Reuse - could the product have another use? Could its parts be used in other products? Is this information clearly communicated on the product? This will extend its life.

  • Repair - is the product easy to repair? This will extend its life.

  • Recycle - could recycled materials be used, or is the product made from materials that are easy to recycle?

How will we know if we have achieved our aim?

We will keep a log of the:-

  • Number of workshop, sessions or events held.

  • Number of people attending the sessions.

  • Number of users or families actively reducing the amount of resources consumed.

  • Weight of non-recyclable and recyclable items.

  • Number of items bought at Al-Meezan that are eco-friendly as opposed to not.




When can you join in these activities?

Workshops have started and will go on till end of February 2017 ending with a celebration event in March 2017 so contact Hiba (07391446780)or Taj (07391641249) immediately.

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