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Fitrah Playgroup

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Fitrah Playgroup

where learning grows naturally 

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Caring for children since 2010

At Fitrah Playgroup, the core of our teaching and ethos we believe children are pure in their state of Fitrah. Basing our ethos and curriculum on the Qur’an and Sunnah, we offer free play, cooking, crafts, physical play, snack time with Islamic etiquette, Arabic  language, Du’as, Qur’an time, Hadith, Prophetic tales, Nasheeds and more for children aged between 3 and 5 years!

Our Story

Fitrah Playgroup began in
November 2010, as many
of us searched for a
suitable early years
learning environment for
our children. A few
parents ventured towards
homeschooling and,
consequently, embarked
on an initiative to provide
a warm, nurturing and
stimulating environment
for children to play and
learn collectively. Therein,
the concept of Fitrah
Playgroup was born.

Our Ethos

The name Fitrah Playgroup
reflects our understanding
and attitude towards our
children not only as
learners but, rather, as
young individuals. As
Muslims, we believe every
child is born on the fitrah,
in a pure state, conscious
of their Creator, Allah (swt)
and we aim to care for the
children in the knowledge
that they are pure of heart.
Additionally, we realise the
role a positive and
nurturing environment
plays in developing the
mind and body of the child
though, most importantly,
their heart.

Our Facilities 

Fitrah Playgroup has
alhamdulillah always
operated from within the
premises of Al-Meezan
House. Alhamdulillah, in
2017 Fitrah Playgroup
moved to our new amazing
purpose-built early years
facility that includes a
beautiful spacious
playroom, with child height
toilets and washing
facilities. In addition, the
garden area has been
developed for plenty of
outdoor play and ample
opportunities to be closer
to nature.

Islamic Etiquette 

Treat everyone and everything that Allah has created with kindness and care.

By highlighting the character and manners of our Prophet (saw) through stories and Hadith, we hope to encourage good behaviour and morals in our children. In addition, the playgroup team endeavour to set a good example to the children at all times by reminding them of the daily Islamic etiquette and du’as. All negative behaviour is, at the outset, gently discouraged. Should it continue, it is then discussed with the child and parents with patience and understanding insha’Allah. We do not seek to label children and, therefore, praise what is good in each and every child.

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The Fitrah Curriculum: Quran & Sunnah 

Developing the children's minds, bodies and hearts through a programme where the Quran and Sunnah lies at its core is the essence of Fitrah Playgroup. The five areas opposite are the key components in our curriculum.

This links in with the current Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, which states that the knowledge, skills and attributes learners develop allow them to demonstrate four key capacities:

  • to be successful learners,

  • confident individuals,

  • responsible citizens

  • effective contributors

to go on and flourish in life Insha’Allah.

Our Day at Fitrah Playgroup 

The rhythm of our Fitrah sessions are comprised of both teacher-led and child-directed activities. We strive to strike a balance to ensure the children’s interest is maintained whilst also facilitating plenty of opportunity for the children to explore and learn through their play. This creates a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for everyone.

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Weekly Timings & Term Fees 

Weekdays Monday to Friday - 10am to 12pm

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Our Team 

Alhamdulillah, at Fitrah Playgroup we are blessed to have an established team of dedicated sisters who have a passion for working with children. Group leaders are assigned to small groups of children to better support learning and bonding with their peers.  Additionally, we encourage parent volunteers to join us throughout the year. Our team are happy to discuss any queries or concerns and endeavour to always be approachable.

Contact Us

For more information send an email to: or send a message on: 07503363558

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Please complete the registration form below and we will confirm your child's place and payment details via text/email. 

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