Who will be helpers of Allah?

We will be helpers of Allah!’ 

The Al-Meezan journey has been an exciting one in its endeavour to become a beacon centre of Islamic learning and community activity.  Today it hosts a diverse range of programs targeting various facets of the Muslim Community in Glasgow and beyond. 

It is with the Grace of Allah, sheer hardwork and determination of our staffand the noble generosity of our supporters that we stand where we are today.

But the Journey continues and we continuously require the support and generous contributions of our well-wishers, near and far, for the challenges that lie ahead.

Adult Classes


Help Al-Meezan become

Debt Free!

Over the years, although the organisation has received generous donations to realise its

long term vision, at times there has been a shortfall, particularly during the extension work

on the building.


For this reason Al-Meezan had no choice but to consider a loan from the Islamic Bank of Britain as well as Qarde Hasanah (interest free loans) from individuals.


Now that this work has been completed our priority is to pay back the loans and therefore in Ramadhan 2016 an appeal was launched ‘Help Al-Meezan to be Debt Free! ‘

Again we have been humbled by the support of the users of our services and their friends and family but there is still a shortfall to be paid back and our appeal continues until this has been realised.


For this reason we urge you to donate generously to Al-Meezan and support us in ensuring that Al-Meezan becomes debt free, for our future generations to benefit from and enjoy!

"The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the likeness of a grain which groweth seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase manifold to whom he will. Allah is all embracing, all knowing."

Where else will my donations go?

  • Maintaining Al-Meezan House high standards

  • Purchasing resources and equipment for classes

  • Developing future courses and services

  • Fund for helping hard up families with fees

  • Subsidising costs for youth activities

Remember every donation to Al-Meezan benefits you or your deceased relative as much as it will benefit our work, so donate today!