Al-Meezan is a positive thriving place of learning that provides varied services to meet the needs of the wider region of Glasgow and beyond. Founded by conscientious individuals in 1998, it has now become a well established organisation facilitating over 1000 users from all walks of life. We aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Islamic faith for woman and children to connect to our Creator. Thank you for taking the time to discover       Al-Meezan for yourself! We look forward to meeting you soon InshAllah!


What's Happening This Week?

Friday Night Dars

Friday night dars is an informal study of the Quran. Each week a few verses are recited, explained and discussed.


No prior registration is required. Suitable for those who wish to develop a taste for the study of Quran and for a weekly spiritual boost!


There is no formal crèche arrangements for infants, however mother and infant space is available with audio link up.(English dars only).

Come along English 8.00pm - 9.00pm.  Urdu 7.30pm - 9.00pm

(free entry)

Previous Events

Previous Events


November 16, 2019

Al-Meezan Funday highlights. Lots of 😀😆😀😊


Teacher feedback:

"Alhamdulillah our funday event went very well today. There was a very positive buzz in Almeezan today.


A big Jazak’Allah khair to all the representatives who took part in raising funds for Almeezan and made this event successful.


Alhamdulillah we have raised £1650 at our funday. 

May Allah accept everybody’s efforts. Ameen.

Calligraphy Workshop

November 02, 2019

Al-Meezan students participated in an introductory calligraphy workshop today, taught by the inspirational Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang who has spent 35 years of his life in this line of work.

Teacher quote 

"Our students showed keen interest in calligraphy. There was a long queue for students waiting to have their names written or to have their family tree drawn in calligraphy. I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of our students to take part in this workshop."

Sakeena group trip to Kingussie

October 29, 2019

The ladies group took a day trip to the memorial service of muslim soldiers who died during the second world war fighting for Britain.

It was a beautiful autumnal day. We heard Quranic recitation from the imam which he translated into english for non-muslim participants. The ladies read Surah Fatiah & recited duas for these brave soldiers.  

Later that day we all enjoyed soup & sandwiches at the hotel provided by the armed forces. All in all it was a wonderful trip.

The Prophet Muhammad, The Living Quran.

October 28, 2019

Highlight from a participant:


When the Revelations came to the Prophet from Allah then the Prophet showed how the Revelations should be followed through his own practices. The Prophet came to perfect the people's Akhlaq and daily lives. He showed by practical examples how this could be achieved. There were many incidents mentioned from the life of the Prophet, amongst them was the incident of Abu Herraira. Who came in tears to the Prophet saying that his mother was abusing the Prophet which had upset him greatly.
The Prophet smiled and said that he would make a dua for that woman. He made the dua for the guidance of the lady and Abu Herraira ran back to his house and found the doors closed, and his mother taking a bath. After she finished, he went to her and she said after abusing the Prophet, her heart has changed and now she wished to accept Islam. Subhanallah, the Akhlaq of our dear Prophet is a perfect example to all of us. There were many more similar incidents mentioned, which can inspire all of us.

First Steps to Working in Childcare

October 23, 2019

Glasgow City Council are working in conjunction with Al-Meezan to reach out to B.M.E women looking for a career in childcare, teacher training, and various other educational roles.

Participant feedback

"Today’s session was very informative. Coming from a finance background and no real childcare qualification except for voluntary childcare experience, I had lots of questions/concerns about how to get into the learning support assistant positions in schools. The programme presented today will allow a possible window for a career change in the near future which may accommodate a good work & life at home balance. Thank you."

"I found the open day to be informative and beneficial. All the speakers were knowledgeable and delivered the information very well. Definitely need more of these open days catering to the needs of ethnic minority backgrounds."

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“Walking through the door and experiencing the atmosphere always puts a smile on my face!"


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