Al-Meezan is a positive thriving place of learning that provides varied services to meet the needs of the wider region of Glasgow and beyond. Founded by conscientious individuals in 1998, it has now become a well established organisation facilitating over 1000 users from all walks of life. We aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Islamic faith for woman and children to connect to our Creator. Thank you for taking the time to discover Al-Meezan for yourself! We look forward to meeting you soon InshAllah!

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May Allah accept our connection with the Quran in Ramadan and make it our companion in this life and the next. Keep up your connection with the glorious Qur’an throughout the year and your life.

Join us for weekly Friday Night Darse 
Time : 8-9 pm

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Previous Events at Al-Meezan

Sakina Group Art Project

25 Jul 2020

The ladies learnt a new technique of printing using the suns rays continuing on from their online Art classes. 
They observed social distancing by bringing their own chairs and sat in a circle. To end a nice afternoon they had a picnic lunch of fish & chips and took a leisurely stroll through the surrounding flower & vegetable gardens
Alhumdulillah smiles all round. 

Quranic Tafseer Class 2008 - 2020

17 May 2020

On-going Quranic Tafseer Saturday class completed their study of word to word of the entire Quran up to surah Nas via zoom classes on Saturday 11th April 2020 Alhamdulilah.

We have left surah Nas as we would like Inshallah to complete it with our loved ones and respected teachers at Al-Meezan whenever the lockdown is lifted share the special day with you all.

Students are all attending Dawr e Quran classes during Ramadan.

YC 15-21 Taking a look at Islamaphobia!

11 Mar 2020

YC15-21 young mens course had a motivational and inspirational guest speaker visit them today.

A presentation on Islamaphobia was delivered by Amjad Bashir from Mend.

We also heard from a special guest speaker Ahmed Ibrahim a Muslim professional boxer 🥊 who spoke about his life story- how he reached to a professional level with hard work, discipline and DEEN.💪

Planting Session

08 Mar 2020

Young Believers Class 1.

Planting session with the children. Planting seedlings and plants. Learning how to be more green fingered. 

Britsih Science Week Celebrations

07 Mar 2020

To celebrate British science week Al-Meezan partnered with British Science Association.

The Young Believers classes hosted their own science fair focusing on muslim contribution to science.

Fitrah World Book Day

04 Mar 2020

It was books galore at Fitrah Playgroup today!

Masha'Allah...we read lots of story books some with great pictures and some told in rhyme and many of the stories touched our ❤️s.

One in particular was the 'The Sad Stump'🌴... a beautiful story about the date palm tree that missed the Prophet (saw) and sobbed so everyone could hear. He was happier in the end after a hug and the gentle touch of our amazing Prophet(saw) soothed his sadness away. Subhanallah!❤️

We discussed the importance of learning through books📚 and stories and many of our children shared they enjoyed going to the library too and reading stories at home.

We all recited our Surahs too alhamdulillah and learnt that the first word that Allah swt revealed was IQRA - اقراRead/Recite in the Greatest Book EVER the Quran!📖

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