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About Al-Meezan

About Us

Al-Meezan is a non-political, non-sectarian charity organisation working in Glasgow for the past 16 years.

Our primary focus is to meet the Islamic educational and social needs of Muslim women and children.


Al-Meezan is an evolving organisation, where we are constantly reaching out to serve the needs of a growing community. Our dedicated and experienced team meets regularly to review the work it undertakes and our work continuously benefits from new perspectives, approaches and training.

Al-Meezan prides itself in being part of the wider Scottish community. We constantly endeavour to build positive links with other organisations promoting good in the community at large.

our motto
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Our Motto - ‘Balancing Life with Islamic Learning’

At Al-Meezan we believe that it is the loss of balance in our lives that has resulted in many of the problems faced by society today. 

This balance can be re-established when we live in accordance with the Divine principles of our Creator, as taught in the Quran and Sunnah

(practice of the Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Al-Meezan promotes the learning, understanding and application of the Qur’an and Sunnah, thus educating individuals to live more spiritually enriched and fulfilled lives.

our name

Why the name Al-Meezan?

The word Al-Meezan ‘The Balance’ is derived directly from the Qur’an chapter 42, verse 17.


‘It is Allah who has sent down the Book in truth and [also] the Balance.’

Al-Meezan (The Balance)  is one of the words to describe the Qur’an. Muslims believe that the Qur’an offers guidance and insight to humanity on how the balance in life can be restored - leading to peace and contentment in our lives today and tomorrow.

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How is Al-Meezan run?

Al-Meezan is a charity organisation and a registered company which conforms to the recommendations of Companies House in how it is run.

We are governed by 7 elected board members. Who are regularly elected at an AGM by the members of Al-Meezan. There is an agreed criteria of who can be elected and this is based on the commitment and dedication of individuals to the work of Al-Meezan.

The directors overlook all aspects of the work of Al-Meezan and are bound by the Al-Meezan constitution as far as their responsibilities to the organisation are concerned.



Al-Meezan began from a small group of dedicated ladies who came together in 1999, over a period of 3 years to study the Qur’an in it’s entirety under the experienced supervision of Dr Farhat Hashmi (CEO Al-Huda, Pakistan).

After this intense study, many of these initial students became dedicated to serving the community, promoting authentic Islamic learning based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. At that time such classes were scarce in Glasgow and as a result there was an overwhelming response.

With women came their children – of all ages- and soon college premises were being rented at the weekend in order to accommodate the growing demand. The bills were huge, as more and more rooms were required and the group (now formally known as Al-Meezan), was advised to seek out permanent premises.

The search began for a suitable building, and in 2004, after the extensive efforts of board members in surveying various possibilities, a building was identified which was for sale for a daunting

£1.1 million.  The Al-Meezan Building Appeal was announced and the support from the community was again overwhelming.

In 2005, with the Grace of Allah, the prayers and generosity of our supporters, Al -Meezan House,

at 1 Rowan Rd, came into being, Allhamdulillah.

The building was suitable for the immediate needs of the organisation at that time, but the building required some extensive work in order to fulfill the long term vision of Al-Meezan. Therefore in 2005 Plans were drawn up  for extending and modifying the building and the extension appeal was launched.

The work was completed over 2 years, much of the money was raised by our supporters but a significant amount also had to be borrowed by the Islamic Bank of Britain, which has been paid back Alhamdulillah.

 A Tribute To

Ustadha Salma Shaikh 1946-2020


Al-Meezan House Today

Al-Meezan House has gone from strength to strength and has been offering a host of programs, classes and services. Courses are developed by experienced and qualified teachers.

These services include: 

Quranic Studies
Various Classes at different levels of commitment for Adults in 
English and Urdu

Quranic Reflections
A 3 year course for teenagers (13-18 years) teaching key concepts from the Quran.

YC 15-21

Young men explore Islamic concepts effecting youth. 

Young Believer 5-12 years

A broad foundation Syllabus in Islamic Studies for children.

Weekday Quranic Reading For Children 3 times a week

Little Stars

An Early years Program for younger children



An Islamic Playgroup running 5 times a week.

Mother and Toddlers

A social group running 3 times a week.

The Friendship Club

An after school Club for children (currently running Thursdays promoting positive friendships and life skills.

Sakina Women's group

A social group for over 50s

Summer Program

A 2 week summer Program for p1-S2 running in the Summer Holidays

Calender Events

Ramadhan, Hajj, Eid

Click here to see the Al-Meezan weekly timetable for timings

Over the years Al-Meezan has become a hub of bustling activity promoting positive values and spiritual as well as physical wellbeing through the breadth of it’s activities and services. 


Discover something for yourself at Al-Meezan today!


Al-Meezan House Premises

Al-Meezan House is a beautifully maintained, impressive educational building and is a tribute to the generous community who supported it throughout it's development.

On the ground floor, Al- Meezan House comprises of a large community space (Foyer area) with adjoining kitchen. There is also a state of the art Lecture Theatre (seating 200) and a versatile Multipurpose room ( seats 50) used primarily for larger classes and services.

Upstairs comprises of classrooms (seating 20-30), used for smaller group teaching, children’s classes and tutorials. The CCF project office is also found upstairs.


The garden comprises of an impressive community garden space which is steered by the Growing Project at Al-Meezan.

The building boasts full Disability access through a wheel chair ramp at the entrance, disabled toilets and a lift to the upper floor.

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Future Projects

Al-Meezan is a continuously evolving organisation which prides itself in growing with the needs of the community it serves. Our future projects include the following and details will be provided through News and Events.

  • Recognised volunteering opportunities for youth

  • Residential Outdoor Camps for Youth

  • Inter – faith activities and events

  • Regular Parenting Courses for all stages

  • Regular Day seminars on a variety of topics

Do you have something to offer Al-Meezan? We would like to hear from you!

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