Youth Courses


Quranic Reflections

"Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see...."


The aim of Quranic Reflections is to give young girls a unique experience of the Quran from beginning to end over a period of three years. 

Students will be taken through the translation

of the whole Quran with brief commentary and discussion. There will be focused study of a selection of key verses each week with

word- to- word translation and explanation. This will enable students to understand and

reflect on the message of the Quran and build their motivation in the application of what they learn.

Year 1 students will study ‘The War Within Our Hearts’ a book addressing the issues young people have to face and struggle with on a daily basis with regards to finding the correct balance with their faith in society. The study of this book aids students in recognising the strength of knowledge in building their faith and confidence, making study of Deen an essential part of their life. 

We require course students to:

  • Be within the course age range of S2 or above

  • Be able to read basic Quran Arabic

  • Wear the required uniform of a dark/black Abaya and  white hijab       

  • Sit all the tests and assignments

  • Achieve 80% attendance

  • Pay termly fees on time

  • Learn the weekly lesson

  • Purchase course pack

  • Conform to course regulations 

Registration Open - August 2020

To register for Year 1 as a new student or continue onto Year 2 / Year 3.

Step 1= Pay Term Fees

Step 2 = Complete th Registration Form

Course Assessment:

The course is continually assessed with tests and assignments. 

The course also focuses on the understanding and memorization of 4 key du'as each year e.g. Du'as after recitation of quran, Istikhara, Janaza and Istaghfar 


Day: Saturday  Year 1- 10.00 am- 1.30 pm 

          Saturday  Year 2 - 10.00 am - 1.30 pm

         Sunday     Year 3 - 10.00 am - 1.30 pm



Fee: £45 per term or £130 annual payment

        Course Pack £20.

Duration: weekly course for young ladies only

(August to June)

For more information please contact or call us on 0141 427 700

Covid-19 Measures 

Quranic Reflections Year 1


Time: 10:30am

Platform: Zoom

Quranic Reflections Year 2


Time: 10:30am

Platform: Zoom

QR year 2 teacher will update the class whats app group with course lessons and information.

Quranic Reflections Year 3


Time:  10:30am

Platform: Zoom


YC 15 - 21 

"Only Allah can judge me...."

As a Muslim teenager, young adult, college/university student or millennial/Gen Z, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of distraction where technology and social media all compete for your time and attention. But what are you doing IRL… In Real Life?

As our future leaders, YOU are the greatest hope for our ummah’s success. And, right now is the perfect time to prepare yourself. 


You want an anchor, a mentor or a group of peers who understands what it means to grow up Muslim and British right now? Want to meet like-minded people who want more for themselves and who want to develop into their best selves, for this life and the next?

That’s what YC 15-21 at Al-Meezan is for. It’s a place to make new friends, develop your identity and purpose, grow as leaders, and practice your commitment and service to your Deen. 

Class format some examples given below:

  • Go through selective quranic verses with translation and explanation.

  • Cover seerah life of prophet. 

  • Back to basics prayer, purification, ghusul etc

  • Inspirational guests speakers from various organisations- topics such as drugs/alcohol, concept of god existence – how can you prove god exists, Jihad etc will be explored and discussed. 

  • Outdoor trips and excursions- up coming Balmoral Adventures February 2020 (subject to change).


Course Assessment:

Interactive quizzes.

This is a discussion based class where you learn by doing and intellectually analysing not sitting exams. 


Day: Wednesday - 7.00pm - 9.00pm


Fee: £50 per term (limited spaces available register today) 

Duration: weekly group for young men only. 

(August to June)

For more information please contact or call us on 0141 427 700

For further information about course content contact Ustadh Shoket on 07886 221 334


Deen Connected

"Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see...."

The purpose of the class is to connect our youth to their Deen, inspiring change in thought and action inshaAllah.


‘Deen Connected’ is a new online class for boys in S2 to S4.


To start with, Brother Ibraheem Omar and Brother Harith Malik will be teaching:

  • Stories of the Prophets

  • Purification of the Heart


The aim of the weekly lessons will be to give learners practical advice and tips in relation to the topics that are covered.

Please note your child will require a device to log into Zoom.

Day: Saturday 2pm (1 hour class)


Fee: £30 per term

Duration: weekly course for young men only

(October to December)

For more information please contact or call us on 0141 427 700

Term Fees