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Youth Courses

Quranic Reflections

Quranic Reflections

Girls Class

The aim of Quranic Reflections is to give young girls a unique experience of the Quran from beginning to end over a period of three years. 

Students will be taken through the translation

of the whole Quran with brief commentary and discussion.


There will be focused study of a selection of key verses each week with word- to- word translation and explanation. This will enable students to understand and reflect on the message of the Quran and build their motivation in the application of what they learn.

course requirement:

  • Be within the course age range of S2 or above

  • Be able to read basic Quranic Arabic

  • Wear the required uniform of a abaya and white hijab       

  • Sit all the tests and assignments

  • Achieve 80% attendance

  • Pay termly fees on time

  • Learn the weekly lesson

  • Purchase course pack

  • Abide by course regulations 

Course Assessment:

The course is continually assessed with tests and assignments. 

There is a focus on the understanding and memorization of key du'as each year e.g. Ayahtul Kursi, Istikhara, Janaza and Istighfaar.


This course is not designed for listeners and requires a level of commitment.

Day: Saturday - 10.00 am to 12.30 pm 


Fee: Term 1 - £55  Term 2 - £55 - Term 3 - £55

Full Year - £155

Course Pack at £25.

Duration: weekly course from August to June.

For more information or any other general enquiries please email:

Registration is now open!

Deen Connected

Deen Connected

Boys Class (in Al Meezan House)

The purpose of this class is to connect our youth to their Deen, inspiring change in thought and action inshaAllah.


‘Deen Connected’ is a class for boys aged between 15 to 18.


Below are some of the topics that will be covered by the teachers:

  • Stories of the Prophets - with life lessons and practical examples.

  • Struggles of the Nafs - coping with the challenges of  keeping iman strong.


The aim of the weekly lessons will be to give learners practical advice and tips in relation to the topics that are covered.

Please note classes are held in Al Meezan on a weekly basis.

Day: Thursday 7.30pm till 8.30pm


Fee: Term 1: £55 - Term 2: £55 - Term 3: £55

Full Year £155

Duration: weekly course

August to June - Term Time.

For more information or any other general enquiries please email:

Finding Your Path

Finding Your Path


The aim of the course is to support teenage girls in becoming young Muslimahs who are confident and secure in their Islamic identity.


This will be achieved by providing students with authentic Islamic knowledge and developing their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. An important part of this is providing a safe environment where students can feel comfortable expressing their opinions and asking questions without fear of judgment.


Each weekly class will have two components. 


The first session will take students on a journey through the Quran, beginning from Surah Fatihah and working chronologically. There will be a focus on understanding the main themes and messages of the Quran as well as reflecting on how the Quran is applicable to our daily lives.


Following a short break, the second session will have a different focus each week. A range of topical issues relevant for teenage girls will be addressed through open discussion, including for example, social media, mental health etc. Some weeks, there will be creative or physical activities instead.

Day: Wednesday 7.00pm till 8.30pm


Fee : Term 1: £55 - Term 2: £55 - Term 3: £55

Full Year £155

Course Pack: £15

Duration: weekly course

August to June - Term Time


The course will be ongoing until the Quran is completed, which is likely to take around four years. There will be a first intake of students in 2023. In subsequent years, it will only be possible to join the class if there is capacity.


Registration: To register please follow this link:


Please note:

Registration is currently closed and will re-open in August 2024.

For more information or any other general enquiries please email:

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