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Fire Brigade Visits Almeezan



We had a visit from the Fire Brigade people who visited Al-Meezan at the weekend. Our Little Star children had an opportunity to visit them on Al-Meezan premises.

It was very exciting moment for all children to see the fire engine and how it works. Some children were anxious but others were less anxious and wanted to explore and climbed up to see what was inside the fire engine. They were astonished with the size of the engine and the equipment inside it.


The fire fighters gave children opportunity to experience how the water hose works as well as with different type of pressure.

The fire fighter staffs were very friendly and also very accommodating with the children. Some children wore their helmets and acted like them and some of them wanted to drive the fire engine.   Some thought it was too noisy.

Over all it was very good hands on experience for children who may have listened to the siren of the fire brigade on the road, watch on television or looked at the pictures in their story books.

We would like to say a big thank you to Al Meezan nursery for organising this event and inviting Little Star children to be part of this experience. Jazak- Allah .



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