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As Ramadan draws closer to its completion and we feel a sorrow in our hearts 💚, let it be completed in the best of ways InshaAllah!

Join Us for Daure Quran Dua 2020 


✨Join Al Meezan's Takmeele Daure Quran Dua Ceremonies and reap the benefits this Ramadan.


✨We have three Dua Ceremonies taking place Alhamdulillah.


🌸 Urdu: Wednesday 20th May at 2.45pm

Click Here

🌸 Urdu: Thursday 21st May at 10.45am

Click Here  

🌸 English: Thursday 21st May at 1.50pm

Click Here

✨Be present in these auspiciuos occasions by joining us on Zoom and beseeching Allah swt for all duas to be accepted. 🤲🏼

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