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Climate Friendly Food

Learn to Sow, Grow, Harvest, Cook, Seed Save and Compost


What did we be doing in 2017/8?

This year we worked with a group of families from Al Meezan, supporting them to grow their own food in their own gardens, through the whole food cycle from fork to fork.


We also further develop the growing spaces around Al-Meezan, and delivering growing, harvesting and composting workshops each month at Al Meezan house​, showing the sessional progression of food growing and harvesting. We also ran regular volunteer sessions to help maintain our beautiful gardens.


We continued to work with individual groups in Al Meezan, delivering workshops to teach and inspire about the joys of gardening and its benefits for the environment.


Why are we doing this?


Did you know that over half the food we eat in the UK comes from overseas. That means that every day we are transporting masses of food into the UK in lorries, boats and planes, all of which emit carbon and contribute towards global warming. To add to that most the food that we eat comes from big farms using intensive unsustainable farming practices. These damage the soil and wreck local habitats, depleting the earth’s ability to continue to provide food for our children and grandchildren.


By growing your own food locally you can reduce your carbon emissions whilst producing food in a way that promotes healthy soil and local habitats for the natural world around us. We hope that through this project encouraging people to grow more food at home and buy less food from shop we will reduce the amount of carbon emissions by over one and a half tonnes over the next 15 years.   

Legacy -- Growing Resources at Al-Meezan


Raised bed for growing sessional, annual and perennial food crops

An orchard of apple, pear, plum trees

The Garden of Delights

Handbook, workshops schedules, equipment, how to guides

Shed full of useful items

Compost bin

Leaf mold

And knowledge  

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