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Quranic Reflections Prize Giving




  • Our Year Three graduates have now completed their study  of the Noble Quran.

  • Students reflected on their journey and the impact that
    studying the Noble Quran has had on their personal lives.


We pray that Allah swt keeps them connected to His Kitaab and Deen for the rest of their lives and that they practise and implement the knowledge they have learnt, Ameen.

Prize winners

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

1st Place
Layaan Ahmed
Sapha Asmat

2nd Place
Aasiyah Sattar

3rd Place
Aasiyah Ali

1st Place

Haydia Yusuf

2nd Place
Hifza Hafeez

3rd Place
Ayesha Rafi

1st Place

Aruba Khan

2nd Place
Zahrah Khan

3rd Place
Amra Iqbal

Quran Reflections
Prize Giving 2017 

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