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Green Travel

Things to consider:

  • How about walking or riding a mile to do an errand, go to school, to work or to Al-Meezan?

  • How about cycling a slightly longer distance, say 5-7 miles?

  • When travelling a greater distance consider using a bus or train. Remember kids go free on a bus and you even have free Wi-Fi!

Cycling Activities

Cycling really is a great way to get around, can be accessible for all ages, and brings huge benefits to participants physical health and mental well being, improves local air quality as well as reducing carbon footprints.



Children are the future, at Al-Meezan we have worked with friendship club and summer school to deliver learn to ride, cycle skills and road safety skills to children of all ages.

We hope to continue this in the coming years and we hope that Al-Meezan users will lead the way in supporting young people in active environmental travel.

Why not start with little steps and encourage your children to commute to school by bike.


Here’s a taster of what we do...


Don’t know how to ride a bike? Don’t worry, just join one of our Learn To Ride group sessions where we can teach you!   


We have rides catering for different ability levels (beginners, intermediates and more experienced riders) every week (numbers and weather dependent!). Keep an eye out for the details on the notice boards at Al-Meezan.


We’ll be organising longer rides at different times of the year for families and groups of mixed abilities. Often these rides will tie in with larger organised events, such as Pedal for Scotland.  


We also organising maintenance training workshops and Dr Bike sessions throughout the year.

Led Walks

A number of organised walks have taken place, with an ​emphasis on the benefits to everyone’s health, and with a focus on nature and foraging awareness. We hope to continue these in the future.

Greener Driving

Most of us have to use a car sometimes, but you could learn a Fuel Efficient way of driving, thus reducing your fuel costs and the pollution your car creates.


We have offered free FuelGood driving lessons and workshops on efficient driving, providing information on hybrid and electric cars and car sharing!

Many organizations offer this, why not sign up to one yourself.


How can YOU help?

We are very dependent on the help of our fantastic volunteers and ride leaders.  If YOU would like  to become a volunteer or a ride leader, we would love to hear from you!  Please get in touch about opportunities and training.


Legacy: what we leave at Al-Meezan

  • A fleet of new and used adult bikes

  • Safe bike storage

  • Kids learn to ride and balance bikes

  • Bike maintenance equipment and cleaning materials

  • A group of fantastic ride and walk leader volunteers

  • How to guides, route maps, resources and a strong support network.

Electric Car Event

Interested in a Carbon friendly car? Come join us at our e-car event at Al-Meezan where some of the leading manufacturers will be giving information and showing some of their e-cars. Date TBC

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