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Lockdown Poems 

Beautiful creative writings complied by listeners from the Ramadan Daure Quran 2020 Class

Saba Firdos Shah  aged 9

In Quarantine most of us say

"Oh Lord it feels like the exact same day!"

Isolation hurts is in a very weird way,

And it feels like it has been a decade instead of just May!

To Allah we all pray

"Oh Allah please help us take this Corona virus away".

So all of the kids can get active and play

just instead being lazy on the couch all day!

Popo Asma has taught us in a very good way!

"Oh Allah please let me stay in this wonderful world that you have created in the most perfect way even

if it is just minutes, seconds or a full day!

Ameen Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barracatuhu!

Rifat Aktar

Daure Quran 2020


Ramadan came with a blessing sublime

A time to connect with the Divine


The Kitaab of Allah with you we opened

To unlock our hearts and keep them stationed


The Quran Majeed a mirror true

To show a reflection of me and you


We learned so much about passed days

And those still to come our way


You led us through a journey new

And held our hearts through the view


May you be blessed with much good

In this life and the one to come


And on that Day may you be in shade

For the inspiring sacrifice that you made

Asfa Inayatullah

Ramadan is here, come surround us!

This time it is different because of this virus.

Think of the positives and not the negatives.

Can't go to the mosque but still be active.

Be thankful for the blessings He gave.

Only good deeds you will take to your grave.

Calling our loved ones more than usual.

Lets do it more often and not be so casual.

Let this month not pass without me feeling closer to YOU.

Withour YOU this life I cannot get through.

So come let us rejoice, be happy and smile.

Make it all count, it will definietely be worthwhile.


Farzana Shah

It was the year 2020 

When time I had plenty, 

No mosque, no outings no meeting family


I asked myself, "how will I spend this very unique ramadhan?" 

How will I listen to the words of the Quran? 


Zoom zoom is all I began to hear

I heard a whisper, "you wanted to hear my kalaam my dear?"

Then everything became clear


We started on this journey of the holy Quran

With warnings, pearls of wisdom and good news for insaan




He chose a dear friend to do this task 

May ALLAH reward you in abundance, I do ask


And for everyone who works for the Deen

You will be greatly rewarded from THE MIGHTY, THE UNSEEN


Everyday of Ramadhan at 2, you see

Was when ALLAH spoke to me

Have faith and pray to ME said HE

Spend, spend in MY WAY and you will see

I will Reward you Abundantly


With Eternal Gardens under which Rivers Flow 

That is indeed the place I want to go


The reward of the Muttaqin ALLAH has shown

And the abode of zalimeen, where they will be thrown


Let us sincerely pray that on that Day

We are not among those who will say

Woe unto me , I wish I had remembered today


Oh ALLAH I fear Your rejection

On the Day of Resurrection

So I beg of You, for Your Protection


The ultimate choice is yours and mines

Where in life do we draw the lines


In Allah’s limits we have to stay

That is surely the best way

Remember the things the Prophet (pbuh) did and say

Day and night did he pray 

Following him we cannot go astray


Life is short and full of tests

In this world we are but guests


In the end i would like to say

The words my friend said everyday

Do not despair of the mercy of Allah

And hold onto Allah’s rope, come what may


Lets all promise to follow our Deen

So we can be counted with the Saliheen

Ameen Ameen Summa Ameen

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