Low Carbon Al-Meezan


A number of Climate Challenge Funded projects have been running at Al-Meezan for the last number of years. During this time we have been changing hearts and minds as well as lowering our carbon footprint. 


Low Carbon Al-Meezan (funded by Scottish Government Climate Challenge fund distributed  by Keep Scotland Beautiful) continues to using the momentum that has been built over these years to encourage further changes and positive action  in relation to reducing our carbon footprint.


Yes, sometimes we do have to use car’s, so why not learn a Fuel-Efficient way of driving thus reducing your fuel costs and the pollution your car cause. Keep an eye out for further workshops on Fuel Efficient driving?

What did we achieve in 2017/8?

  • We got more Al-Meezan users on their bikes, with our "Learn to Ride" sessions, lead rides and maintenance workshops.

  • We also supported kids at friendship club on to their bikes and at summer school we helped kids to get to know their local public transport and walk in their local parks. 

  • We trained volunteers as walk leaders, ride leaders, maintenance and eco-driving.

  • We further develop growing spaces at Al-Meezan, supported workshops, volunteer sessions and gatherings

  • We also supported grow at home spaces.

  • We reduce food waste here at Al-Meezan and at individuals homes by continuing composting at Al-Meezan and introducing composting at home for many. 

  • We drastically reduced the amount of clothes, textiles and books our users, staff and volunteers used by holding and encouraging swaps of many differing items

  • We taught sewing skills to children and adults

  • We ran regular sewing classes where participants learned to make their own abayas and trouser

Legacy at  Al Meezan 

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